Over the years I have found a series of tools offering solutions for problems; some of these also offer affiliate programs. Where I am enrolled you may see an affiliate link, or no. Either way the tools are excellent; use them to solve your problems where appropriate!

  • One of the first tools I will mention is NameCheap: In addition to using them as my preferred domain registrar, NameCheap also hosts this website! Wihle I have used other hosts prior, all of my domains have moved since NameCheap began offering their hosting services. I am very happy with their shared hosting service  (all I really need) but equally appreciate the wide range of services that they offer. Highly recommended!
  • While discussing domains I cannot miss the service I use when I am selling them: I recommend using an escrow service for transactions between unfamiliar (or even familar, often) parties for their mutual benefit. Founded in 1999 by Fidelity National Financial, Inc. this is my preferred provider. Buy or Sell Online Without the Fear of Fraud
  • While we're talking about shaving things off, I must mention my favorite supplier of shaving products: Dollar Shave Club. In addition to making the most hilarious commercial ever, their shave tech & chemistry are equally amazing!
  • My razor blades ship automatically and I change them weekly, but my favorite service that I use daily is LastPass. I have been using their service for years, and both my wife Linda and I are Premium members. Among the many added advantages: using it on your mobile device and password sharing!
  • Knowing I'm a control freak, it should come as no surprise that I manage my own DNS with the enterprise-class services at You can manage your's too and save 15% while you're setting it up by using my referrer code: RFEB7SCKZ. For either dynamic or fully managed DNS, go DYN!

Like the rest of my site, this list will continue to grow. Come back regularly and find more helpful things...