Posted on: Fri, 02/23/2018 - 02:34 By: theman

Rarely do I stop and read the comments that people post on my site. Years ago I did, but my lack of free time and, perhaps, interest had gotten between me and your feedback. I had grown tired of the "please check out my site" cheap SEO links. Call me jaded...

Tonight I took a little time to read them as a part of my "what stays and what goes" process during my site's upgrade. I was pleasantly surprised to find they weren't all SPAM but some were valid observations and suggestions.

Thank you.

I won't guarantee that I will: 1) see them all, 2) use each of them, or 3) send a reply to the original commenters, but know that I am thankful to have the type of insightful, sharing readers who will take time to write me even when I haven't reciprocated. You all rock!!

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