Stuart C. Lathrop

technologist & solution architect

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I have been principally involved in facets of technology for my entire life, and professionally over 40 years. A generalist by nature, I've come to be recognized for strengths built upon two fundimental abilities:

  1. I can devine appropriate answers (solutions) to complex questions (problems) rapidly.
  2. I can communicate complex concepts completely to a congnatively-diverse audience.
  1. Smart problem solver.
  2. Plays well with others.

Clients can download the necessary documents in Adobe® PDF format right here. I require two forms from all of my clients: the Retainer Agreement spells out my full terms in detail, while the Schedule of Fees details the rate under which you are contracting me. Understand that both fully executed documents and a retainer deposit must be received, and accepted, by me prior to any work commencing. As the word ‘accepted’ implies, I remain busy enough to be appropriately selective. Contact me prior to making any presumptions.

I try to be helpful, including by offering multiple payment options; you will find my PayPal® option here.

Other professional insights available here include some of the mantras I've collected over the years, as well as source code I have written, domain names I've gathered (that may or may not be in use and/or available), other forms and tools I use regularly, and a weblog (blog) in which I may comment on that which I observe in my professional life. Hopefully at least one of these is useful to someone…

Feel free to comment.