Stuart C. Lathrop

humanist & technologist

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Welcome to my little space on the Internet;
Just one of 169,114,403 places in cyberspace
that you could be visiting right now

Change happens: I use Graham Miller's Responsive Grid System and have handcoded my website to look & work exactly as I think it should… (hopefully you'll like it too!)

Changes in licensing: For several years I have supported Creative Commons, but until now have not reflected this in my own works. Beginning with the Legalese in this iteration of my website, I will specify one of the six Creative Commons Licenses where appropriate to the specific piece. Note: This does not imply that everything you find herein will be available for use under the Creative Commons license. Some copyrights are held by others, and I can't simply reassign it by saying so. Some copyrights are commercially held by me, which I will license – but not give – to others. Please note the differences.

Some things never change: I still work on this site in fits and starts; other things that pay the bills take priority. I am still deciding which content I'll keep from the old site, so if there's something you're looking for that I haven't moved yet, drop me a line to suggest it either get migrated or sent to you. Otherwise, just keep visiting to see how it all comes together. Consider this like a box of chocolates that I'm sharing with the world…