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technologist & solution architect

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Welcome to my little space on the Internet;
Just one of 169,114,403 places in cyberspace
that you could be visiting right now

If you've been here before: You'll notice that I have changed the layout significantly. Previously I used the excellent CMS Drupal, one of my favorite open source content management systems. I noticed, however, that I would still inject a lot of handcrafted code because I wanted things to appear or behave in a certain way, and it was easier doing it myself than learning how to let the system do it for me. Then I found Graham Miller's Responsive Grid System and was inspired to return to completely handcoding websites that look and work exactly as I've envisioned they should… (hopefully you'll like them, too!)

Changes in licensing: For several years I have supported Creative Commons, but until now have not reflected this in my own works. Beginning with the Legalese in this iteration of my website, I will specify one of the six Creative Commons Licenses where appropriate to the specific piece. Note: This does not imply that everything you find herein will be available for use under the Creative Commons license. Some copyrights are held by others, and I can't simply reassign it by saying so. Some copyrights are commercially held by me, which I will license – but not give – to others. Please note the differences.

Some things never change: I still work on this site in fits and starts; other things that pay the bills often take priority. I am still deciding which content I'll keep from the old site, so if there's something you're looking for that I haven't moved yet, drop me a line to suggest it either get migrated or sent to you. Otherwise, just keep visiting to see how it all comes together. Consider this like a box of chocolates that I'm sharing with the world…