Stuart C. Lathrop

technologist & solution architect

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Short Professional Biography

Information Technology (IT) leader with proven skills in operational management, including the development of both functional systems and people. Capable of technical triage and problem solving within high-stress, mission-critical environments. Maintains both long-term project objectives and budget controls. Extensive direct and consulting experience in a wide variety of environments for a diverse range of industries. Familiar with needs unique to banking, distribution, government, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, technology, and utility services. Noted for creating open work environments that are supportive of all departments and company teammates.

Currently I am an IT Infrastructure Support Specialist at Le Creuset of America, newest in a team of three professionals who deploy and run systems for North America (US & CA). Built in-house entirely from the back-end servers to the front-end POS terminals. We tested it and then did the national rollout. We maintain all of it, including the infrastructure on which it runs, the monitoring systems watching it and all of the maintenance support structure, systems and people. We are, rightfully, proud.

Previous positions include:

  • Marketing Enterprise Solutions Architect at ESAB Global
  • Assistant Vice President and IT Manager of The Coastal Bank in Savannah, Georgia.
  • Chairman, CTO (Chief Technical Officer) and VP of Information Systems of The Verks Group, LLC
  • Founder & President of The NII Technical Company
  • Field Engineer at Eastman Kodak
  • Operations Manager of Advanced Micrographics Systems
  • Lab & Store Manager at Worldwide Camera

My prior work history includes such diverse experiences as custom financial software development for a large regional company in the commercial construction industry and development in an alarm and telecommunication services company. The early experience provided working at my parent's publishing company, Norman Lathrop Enterprises, was instrumental in fostering my professional agility.

My educational background is equally diverse. While not degreed, I have studied in both the computer sciences and the visual arts at such prestigious institutions as The College of Wooster, Wayne General & Technical College, The University of Akron, University of Dayton and the Rochester Institute of Technology. In addition, I received training direct from Apple, IBM, Kodak, Microsoft, and Sun Microsystems on a wide variety of technologies, systems and platforms. I developed specialized systems and support software that were deployed nationally. This training combined with over 30 years of practical experience, has resulted in versatile fluency with dozens of applications, programming languages and information systems command environments, as well as a keen eye for appropriate aesthetics.

Please download a copy of my Professional Resume and Letters of Reference from the CEO of The Coastal Bank and the Project Director of Tri-Command Communities, all provided in Adobe® PDF format.