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Yes, there are RULES:

It has become apparent to me that some of you need a little more help than others with understanding how things work here. Well, I'm certainly happy to oblige:

  1. This is my site and I make all of the rules. There is no committee and no false impression of consensus building should be taken from anything I state elsewhere regarding this fact. I own it, it is all about me and I really don't care very much what anybody else wants me to do here so don't bother me by asking me to change it. Things get changed when it suits me and in whatever fashion makes me happy. Period.
  2. By displaying the Blog with Integrity badge and signing the pledge, I assert that the trust of my readers and the blogging community is important to me:
    (Click on it to learn more…)
  3. There are a (very) few friends and loved ones who I trust/like/tolerate well enough to give them their own login. This magic key to the playground lets them post comments, censor my rants and even create whole new sections on topics I hadn't considered yet. Nobody else is allowed to post jack except comments, and all of those are viewed (and occasionally edited) by me prior to their public release. The SPAM comments are almost instantly vaporized without regard. Heck, I can't even recall the content 15 seconds later and I never follow the associated links. (Some might say I never follow directions either, but that's another topic altogether…)
  4. If your mental defect is insufficiently medicated enough to still actually want your own login then you must first fill out my User Registration form completely, including that pesky little Comments field telling me who you are & why I should let step behind the curtain. No form, no access. No useful information, no access. I don't like you or what you have to say, no access. Remember: its all about me. (A helpful hint here: I own many domains and several of them point here, but if you're not filling out the form from my domain it won't work and I won't really give a …)
    Update: okay, so either lots of folks out there can´t read or don´t care — either way, I´m tired of cleaning up after your attempts. Comments? Gone. Registration? Gone. Faith in humanity? Wearing thin…
  5. I don't link share for ranking (but do link to things I like), revenue share advertising or need you to make me the top search result on Google. After all, if you're reading this: you found me somehow…
  6. Last, but certainly not least, this is neither a public forum nor a democracy: I reserve the right to change my mind, and these rules, at any time without any warning or recourse. Take two and call a professional if this bothers you. Meanwhile, refer back to rule #1 and this time: read carefully.
Thanks for playing!