Stuart C. Lathrop

humanist & technologist

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Personal Perspectives

This is the part of my website where my personal thoughts, warped sense of humor and desire to share various interesting finds abound. What you will find little of is reservation or regard for others' opinon. Note: there is a difference between opinion and perspective. Opinions, by their very definition, are subjective and rarely have any basis in fact. The Latin root of perspective, perspectivum, reminds us to “see clearly” and “look more at”. In my world, these differences are not mere semantics.

Welcome to my world. Bring your perspective…

I've gathered together a variety of things here like my favorite quotes & audio tracks, and I'll be expanding this by adding some video clips, my humor (and/or random thoughts) collection, a little of my photography, some tasty recipes, and my personal blog posts. This archive has taken decades to gather; hopefully it will take less time for me repost it all…

Feel free to comment.