Stuart C. Lathrop

humanist & technologist

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I have always been into music: regardless of whatever else is going on in my world, music is typically involved. Typically my choice is a good indicator of the mood I am in — or the one I'm aiming for…

Pandora One

I have been a Pandora One member since its introduction. Of course, I've been listening to Pandora since before the Savage Beast was tamed and renamed. This widget shows my bookmarks, the stations I have created and what I'm actively listening to right now. I hope some of you find your own inspiration in the music that inspires me…


Select Tracks

I have also collected a few tracks that I've either found inspirational, hillarious, or (typically) both. Take a few minutes to listen to them below; as always, feel free to comment.

   Mental Health Hotline

   Pilot's Guns Flight Announcement

   Two Trillion Bucks

   Telemarketer's Nightmare