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I have collected quite a few domains over the years. Recently I looked at the ones that were not currently productive and thought “Should I sell them or find another way to monetize them?” Some of these domains have stories and/or ideas attached to them. A few are related to real business interests I've had over the years, while others were potential businesses in their own right. I haven't had nearly as much free time to pursue developing them; that (coupled with my recent experiences) has made consider possibly releasing them to someone else with a vision. If it's the right vision I might consider swapping this Internet Real Estate for a stakeholder interest rather than the cash deals I normally pursue, but my own past experience will demand much more than just “I have this great idea…”.

Here's a list of the domains I'm talking about; in some cases I own multiple TLDs and those are listed following the primary (typically .com). all sorted in alphabetical order and/or grouped by their relationship to the same theme: (& .biz, .info, .net)   Buy all 4 for $10,000.00 USD (& .net)  Buy both for $50,000.00 USD

Click on the links above to purchase any domain listed. Some of my domains I sell through my Sedo account, while all other domain sales will be paid for in US Dollars through No other transfer is allowed unless other arrangements have been made & agreed to by me personally in advance including the sale, lease or linking from any of my domains.